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Mapira - chovatelská stanice kolií dlouhosrstých

Altough I’ve set up the MAPIRA Kennel in 2017, I’ve been interested in rough collie breeding since 1997, which is when I got my first collie - a golden bitch named Annabella z Arcamony. With getting Annabella, my partnership with Jitka Reslerová and her African Gold kennel began. During the 20 years of my partnership with African Gold, I’ve managed to get several successful exhibition dogs, as well as breed several Czech and foreign litters. I would like to thank Jitka Reslerová for letting me be a part of African Gold and for the opportunity to keep working with her even after I’d set up my own kennel.

Now let me tell you something about the most memorable collies that have played an important role in my life. As I’ve already mentioned, my ever first Collie was named Annabell. In 2000, she gave life to her first puppies, which was also the first African Gold litter (litter “A”). Another puppies were born 4 year later (litter “B”).

In the summer of 2000, we got a 15-months-old beauty named Baden Court Zlatna Jalna from Jarmila Křečková.

In 2003, we imported a beautiful gold bitch Silver Dream P.S. I Love You „Cora“ from Judit Papp (Hungary). Cora gave us two litters - “J” and “O”, from both of which I kept one puppy in co-ownership. The first one was Just To Be African Gold „Justin” from litter “J” (in co-ownersihp with the Bureš couple) and the second one was Of Course African Gold „Jessica“(the co-owner being Miss Pešátová). In 2011, Jessica became a mom to her only African Gold litter (“Z”), out of which I kept a dog named Zazziky Spice of African Gold.
In 2009, I managed to get another two dogs with the help of Jitka. These were Jessica’s nephew “Cása” Casanova z Josefovské pevnosti and Poker Face vom Old Tom „Nat“, who was imported from Germany and became a successful exhibition dog. I also co-own Nat’s nephew Collectable Gold of African Gold “Scotty” born in 212, and Scotty’s niece Arana z Černostudničního vrchu born 2015.

Last but not least, I have to thank the owners, who trusted me enough to lend me their dogs and breed their puppies in African Gold. Thanks go to J. Břicháčková and her Amber Beauty Leawrey, who gave birth to litter “T” in 2002, the Kocián couple and their Thank You African Gold (litter “Y”) and also the Beran couple and their Pure Magic African Gold (litter “C in 2012).

But breeding is not always fun and easy. We will never forget the collies that weren’t, for whichever reason, involved in breeding. The oldest one is Pelda - Charming Chap vom Old Tom, who was imported from Germany in 2005. Then there was Mandane´s New Star to African Gold „Moja“, a bitch imported from Sweden. I also have to mention Nat’s daughter Be Forever a Legend Niarra „Nia“ and Spice’s daughter Iron Lady od Dennynky „Meggi“.

Since 2014, we also have a tricolored lady called Arletta Black Krása Polabí „Merci“. A promising member of the pack is also Begasuka's Pure Joy Penny, born in 2017. At the same year, I’d been working for a few months with a borrowed majestic Russian dog Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwel and I also imported his daughter Alsting Monsolana Mapira Raya.

Hana Vacířová



Now that I’ve told you all that, you must be wondering: why Mapira?

The truth is that the name consists of letters that are in our dogs’ names.

M - Mandane´s New Star to African Gold – „Moja“

A - Annabella z Arcamony

P - Poker Face vom Old Tom „Nat“

I - Zazziky Spice of African Gold

R - Silver Dream P.S. I Love You „Cora“

A - Arletta Black Krása Polabí „Merci“