- Iron Lady od Dennynky -



Born: 28.9.2014

Father: Zazziky Spice of African Gold

Mother: Calamity Jane New Marton

Teeth: complete, scissors bite

Height: 51cm

Color: sable


- Titles-



- Pedigree -

Zazziky Spice of African Gold

Calamity Jane New Marton

{ Ready To Go African Gold { Glen Morristone's Hope Sweet Love
Old Golden Gates Lorien of Manico
Of Course African Gold { Ch. Hokus-Pokus vom Adlerwappen
C.I.B. Silver Dream P.S I Love You
{ Double Scotch Gold Candy Ashley { Emryks Designed to Love
Wee King's Gold ATC
Gloria vom Hause Reinhard { Tevish vom Hause Reinhard
Mocca vom Hause Reinhard


At home we like to call her Meggy. She’s a very calm, friendly bitch, who loves kids. Unfortunately, she will no longer be participating in the breeding.