- Be Forever a Legend Niarra -



Born: 31.10.2012

Father: Poker Face vom Old Tom

Mother: New Face of African Gold

Teeth: complete, scissors bite

Color: dark sable


- Titles -

Very promising 2


- Pedigree-

C.I.B. Poker Face vom Old Tom

C.I.B. New Face of African Gold

{ Unglaublich Klug Dane of Kassiopeia { Christopher Colombus of Kassiopeia
My oh My Penelope of Kassiopeia
Golden Pipper vom Old Tom { Ch. Jacky´s Mishu vom Adlerwappen
JCh. Mae West vom Old Tom
{ Frosty Ice of African Gold { C.I.B. Silver Blue Exclusive Edition
JCh., Vet. Ch. Xenita Black Modrý Iris
Ch.Tisha´s Black Minx vom Old Tom { C.I.B. Malouine´s Singin´ the Blues
Caledonian Utopic Utisha