- Begasuka's Pure Joy Penny -



Born: 11.1.2017

Father: Amalie Lynmead Aglasis Chip

Mother: Begasuka's Lacey's Love Story

Teeth: complete, scissors bite


Color: dark sable

Import Germany


- Health -

MDR +/-   |   DM +/-   |   CEA/PRA/cat. - negative


- Titles-



- Pedigree -

Amalie Lynmead Aglasis Chip

Begasuka's Lacey's Love Story

{ Amalie Exotic Lover { Samhaven Made in Devon
Amalie Miss Chanel
Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey { Danfrebek Soul Dust at Rantara
Amalie Can This Be Love
{ Ch. Lynmead Timeless Affair { Amalie Mild Affair
Lynmead Danfrebek Truly Yours
Begasuka's Gilliana { Ch. Un Amour de Jeunesse des Marécages du Prince
Begasuka's Deja Vu de Gold


Penny’s successfully launched her exhibition career in December. She’s playful and friendly. She spreads joy to other dogs and family members. She’s going to become a brood bitch this year, but until then we aim to focus on exhibitions.