- Alsting Monsolana Mapira Ria -



Born: 20.7.2017

Father: Monsolana Sundevon

Mother: Alsting Miss You



Color: dark sable


- Pedigree -

C.I.B. Monsolana Sundevon

Alsting Miss You

{ C.I.B. Benefis of Colomber Field { Ch. Vic Bihl of Colomber Field
Jemspark Undeterred
Elsamos Over the Moon { Ch. Amalie Deep In My Soul
Elsamos Moonglow
{ Redola Hot Off the Press to Aaronwell
{ Ch. Redola Hotshot
Redola Dream Lover
Alsting Mary Liss
{ Amalie Lynmead Just Decided
Alsting Melody of Rain


We shall see what our little Raya, a dark sable lady, will turn out to be, as she’s still young. She’s calm and enjoy being around large dogs, whom she likes to tease and get in trouble.